A Garden Centerpiece For Creating Memories That Last A Lifetime

Brand New For Summer 2020!

At Norwich Stoves we are now stocking a revolutionary outdoor eating experience with the impressive range of outside grills from Vulcanus®️.

Striking design meets amazing versatility. Have an intimate family gathering or entertain up to 50 people with an endless choice of delicious flavours to relish. From delicate fish fillets, crunchy vegetables, succulent steaks to the richness of Camembert, the choice is endless. 

So you have this 100% environmentally friendly, stunning masterpiece in your garden providing experiences and memories that will last forever. As the evenings draw in and the temperature drops it will provide a source of heat that will have everyone gathered round. And there's more...

Meet The New Outdoor Kitchen

See it in action by clicking play below!

  • Weather Resistant- All models are made from COR-TEN steel which is resistant to the harshest of cold conditions.    
  • Minimal Maintenance-  A damp cloth and a wipe down with oil does the trick.    
  • Grill All Year Round- With 38kg of slow heat release ceramics, you get unbeatable thermal stability.  


Find a Vulcanus®️ grill to perfectly suit your needs. All are manufactured using the same technology - the only difference lies in the construction of the base. Unlike a circular grill, the square shape of the cooktop provides a grilling surface that is up to 1/3 larger. The cooktop has two different heat zones, which means means you can grill your meat and heat up cheese and vegetables at the same time.

 Grill Pro730 Camp
Grill Pro730 Chef
Grill Pro730 Masterchef
Grill Pro910 Chef
Grill Pro910 Chef
Grill Pro910 Masterchef


Oilcan 0.75 l

Massive Board
Multigrid Pro730
Multigrid Pro910
Cover Pro730 
Cover Pro730

Cover Pro910
Anchoring Set With Lock
Grillmaster- Leather Apron

More Than Just Your Normal Grill...

The Vulcanus stands in a league of it's own. Impress your entire guest list with this stunning piece of engineering.

Healthy and smoke-free

The grill has a unique system fro draining away grease. This makes healthy grilling a reality- without the presence of carcinogens.

Cooking Griddle (accessory)

The central cooking griddle has two positions for drilling: in the direct flame or over hot embers. The cooking grid can be inserted directly into the square opening at the top of the grill.

Circular pot adapter (accessory)

The extension is also fitted with a circular holder for a cast-iron pot or wok, Perfect for cooking Asian food, paella or goulash.

Keep your hands clean

Sweep ash easily into the prepared receptacle.


Have a question that isn't covered here? Contact us on 07775 595 725 or email and we'll answer all your questions.

Will I be able to assemble the grill?

There is no requirement for assembly. You will receive your Vulcanus pre-assembled and ready for use. Just choose the best place to put it. However, whenever you move the grill it’s a good idea to have a friend help out – it weighs 120 kg!

How difficult is it to maintain the grill?

Vulcanus is manufactured from COR-TEN steel, which is maintenance-free throughout its lifetime. This means you needn’t worry in the slightest about looking after your grill. Just clean the grill surface with a damp cloth and wipe down with oil.

What wood can I burn in the Vulcanus?

You can practically use any type of hardwood, provided it has a residual moisture level of less than 20%. Wood should therefore be sufficiently dried out. Green wood releases smoke and tar when burnt, thereby making the grill smokier and reducing its thermal performance. We recommend using technically dried logs cut into 33 cm lengths, which you can buy from any DIY or garden superstore. Charcoal can also be used.

How many people can eat at one time?

You can cook food on the Vulcanus grill for up to 50 people in one hour. The different heat zones enable you to simultaneously prepare steak, fresh vegetables, fish, eggs and cheeses. Your food will be juicy, crunchy, healthily prepared, and will retain most of its original vitamin content.

Will fat from the food be dripping on the grill?

Vulcanus has a special inbuilt system for draining away grease and juices from the food. There is no need to worry about fat dripping onto tiles, or that your grill will be covered in grease and begin to look unsightly after its first use.

What's the difference between these and circular grills?

Compared to a circular grill, the patented square shape offers a grilling surface that is up to ⅓ larger (comparing the diameter of a circle and side of a square). It also offers two heat zones, whereas a circular grill only has one. Only the Vulcanus is fitted with a slow heat-release lining within the fire chamber. Vulcanus has a certificate for the upper grill cooktop attesting to its suitability for contact with food.


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